Perinatal Smoking Cessation, Challenges and Opportunities

Online Education

Education designed to help perinatal healthcare practitioners address the unique challenges and opportunities for smoking cessation with their patients just prior to and after delivery.  Learn to use the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines within the perinatal patient population to encourage smoking cessation.

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Innovative Learning Format That Takes 3-5 Minutes a Day

These activities utilize an innovative question-and-answer format that takes only 3-5 minutes every few days and includes fun, competitive gaming elements. Learn through answering practical, case-based questions that are delivered directly to your inbox or smartphone.  Click on the topics below for additional information.

SleepShift Work Sleep Disorder: Optimizing Diagnosis and Management



Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Management: The Dawning of a New Era


MS 2Navagating the Evolving, Complex Therapeutic Landscape in Multiple Sclerosis


DiabetesNew Paradigms for Advancing Therapies in Type 2 Diabetes

MS 1Diagnostic and Management Challenges in Multiple Sclerosis


RAOptimizing Clinical Outcomes in Rheumatoid Arthritis

<h5>Motivational Interviewing in Tobacco Cessation and Chronic Diseases</h5>
<p><strong>A CS2day Video Series with Dr. Bruce Berger, MI Expert</strong></p>
<p>Having trouble getting your patients motivated about smoking cessation? Learn the basics behind motivational interviewing (MI), a skill you can utilize to guide and empower your patients to quit smoking.  This series of ten videos, 20-25 minutes each, includes <span>barriers and facilitators of behavior change and the application of</span> <span>key components and strategies of MI to smoking cessation and other health behavior changes.</span></p>
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CME/CE Education on Your iPad!

The CO*RE partners are pleased to offer a new iBook entitled "ER/LA Opioids: Achieving Safe Use While Improving Patient Care".

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Clinical Health Coach® Training

Online and Onsite Trainings

Doing, teaching and telling our patients what to do is not enough.  The future of healthcare requires more. More patient engagement and accountability.  More self-care and more team based care. 
Clinical health coach training develops a very particular set of skills and attitudes which enables healthcare professionals to actively partner with patients to achieve health outcomes and self-care skills that matter.  Care coordinators, care managers, nurses, physicians, health coaches, dietitians and others can profit as individuals and inter-professional teams to move the needle to improved patient behaviors with healthier outcomes.

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AHIMA Clinical Documentation for ICD-10 Training

AHIMA's online Clinical Documentation for ICD-10 Principles and Practice provides an overview and bite-sized, self-paced training modules that physicians and clinicians can access any time from a computer, tablet, or mobile device.  Written by physicians, CDI specialists and medical coding experts, the program customizes learning by delivering three-to-five minute modules that cover each physician's 10 to 20 most billed diagnoses and conditions, making the learning targeted and highly relevant.

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Interstate Postgraduate Medical Association

We aim to provide evidence-based education that leads to improved competence, enhanced practice performance, assurance of patient safety and improved patient care.

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