Smoking Cessaton in Patients with Mental Health and Addictive Disorders

Online Education

This education covers the 5 A's for smoking cessation, motivational interviewing approaches, use of available medications to assist with cessation, and specific tactics for working with patients who have mental health and addictive disorders. Specific considerations will be shared for patients who have depression, anxiety, substance use disorders, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder. Handouts and downloadable tools are provided to further assist clinicians in their practice.

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Perinatal Smoking Cessation, Challenges and Opportunities

Online Education

Education designed to help perinatal healthcare practitioners address the unique challenges and opportunities for smoking cessation with their patients just prior to and after delivery.  Learn to use the evidence-based clinical practice guidelines within the perinatal patient population to encourage smoking cessation.

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Women's Health

Online Education

Learn about women's health  in only 3-5 minutes every few days.  Using  a question-and-answer  approach, short bursts of education are pushed to your computer or mobile device via e-mail.

VVA SharedShared Decision Making and It's Role in Primary Care



Understanding Vulovaginal Atrophy, it's Prevalance and Impact on Postmenopausal Women



<p><strong>A CS2day Video Series with Dr. Bruce Berger, MI Expert</strong></p>
<p>Having trouble getting your patients motivated about smoking cessation? Learn the basics behind motivational interviewing (MI), a skill you can utilize to guide and empower your patients to quit smoking.  This series of ten videos, 20-25 minutes each, includes <span>barriers and facilitators of behavior change and the application of</span> <span>key components and strategies of MI to smoking cessation and other health behavior changes.</span></p>
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Ebola Session Presented at 2014 Primary Care Update

During the 2014 Primary Care Update held in Phoenix on November 2, 2014, a session on Ebola was added to the schedule.  The session was recorded for those who were unable to attend the conference.

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CME Addresses Ebola Emergency

In response to the Ebola public health emergency, the American Hospital Association (AHA) has provided an Ebola education package for CME providers. This package contains information that the American Hospital Association believes would be useful to healthcare providers and institutions right now.

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CME/CE Education on Your iPad!

The CO*RE partners are pleased to offer a new iBook entitled "ER/LA Opioids: Achieving Safe Use While Improving Patient Care".

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The Patient Perspective on Overactive Bladder: A Mixed-Methods Needs Assessment

Research Article

While overactive bladder is often managed in the primary care setting, a number of barriers including embarrassment, poor communication, and low patient adherence contribute to the under-treatment of patients with burdensome urinary symptoms. In order to address these challenges, it is crucial to have a fundamental understanding of patient perspectives toward OAB and urinary symptoms. To meet this aim, researchers designed and conducted a study to identify patients' knowledge, experiences and attitudes, barriers to treatment adherence, and desires and tendencies regarding patient/clinician communications.

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We aim to provide evidence-based education that leads to improved competence, enhanced practice performance, assurance of patient safety and improved patient care.

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